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For years you have produced your own product. From processing raw materials all the way through to the final product. Your whole company is geared towards this one line of business; sales, purchasing, shipping and receiving, and everything else in between. As time marches on, new products became old, and the next new widget is not panning out as well as the other products once did. The shop schedule is getting thin and you know there is contract machine work out there for your brand-new Haas VF2 mill.

Every shop has had the ups and downs of manufacturing but the ones who can ride out the volatility are the diversified shops. Even if you have your own product, contract machine work can even out the fluctuations, if you are prepared for those highs and lows.

Step 1. Ensure you have the right inspection equipment

First things first. Before you start any marketing or sales offensive strategies, make sure your shop has the right, updated inspection equipment for the type of work you want to manufacture. You know you can produce a great quality product, but your new prospects don’t. You are going to have to show them that you can inspect the parts you are going to make them, for quality assurance.

Step 2. Be ready to answer sales questions and requests

Now on to marketing, the first question buyers ask is what type of machines do you have? Followed up with can you send me a line card. Put yourself in their shoes. If someone called you, would you know what machine types would be needed to produce your parts?  You will want to have that card polished and ready to go. Don’t forget to include your company contact information on the line card.

Step 3. Know how to quote for success

Once you have gone through your marketing and sales plan, you hopefully have landed your first RFQ (Request for Quote). There are two big things when quoting your first parts for a new company. First, don’t quote lower than your bottom line.  Secondly, make absolutely sure that you can meet the delivery date you set. Add a day if you are in doubt. Nothing kills a new relationship faster than late delivery.

Lock these steps down, and you will have new long lasting relationships with companies in the contract machine work arena. Even with low product sales, this will keep your machines busy with work and your cash flowing.

Step 4. Sign up for contract machine work opportunities

If this sounds like your company, then the website is I started, is for you!  I started because of this exact scenario. was built from the ground up to get you in touch with companies looking for contract machine work. We are building up and want you to join us for an extended free trial.

Remember, our free trial period will not last forever. Only the first to sign up will get free access. So, do not wait. It only takes 5 minutes to sign up.

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