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A Simple Way to Increase Your Contract Opportunities, Even If You Hate Marketing

Machinists, do you need more work?

Do you have too much time when your machines are not running and not making money? Does being dependent on a few main clients for your cash flow make your nervous? Or are you wasting time on quotes that are not accepted?

You’ve tried to provide your business with more leads and business to increase profit and reduce costs, but still you’re not as busy as you’d like to be. And traditional marketing is difficult and expensive.

It’s not your fault. Many machine and fabrication shops encounter this common problem. You are an expert in your craft, but not an expert in marketing.

If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution. has streamlined the process of matching your machine shop’s capabilities with customers looking to have orders manufactured. Our system matches the order with the machine shop able to work with the required material, machining process, size, quantity, difficulty and has the required certifications. No more looking through job boards at projects that don’t match your capabilities. See only the work that is perfect for you.

We Match Custom Machine Work to Your Capabilities

We pair you up with companies that are looking to have parts manufactured that match your capabilities at exactly the time they are looking to place an order. Even better, those seeking to have the parts manufactured can request a quote from you. We allow companies to search available manufacturers and machinists and select who they would like to do business with. Wouldn’t it be nice to provide a bid to someone who has already expressed an interest in your work? All you need to do is provide a bid for their uploaded 3D CAD file, or uploaded PDF line drawing.

Fill out your profile in less than 5 minutes, and let business come to you.

Create a Profile in Less than 5 Minutes

You read that right. You can set up your account in 5 minutes. No more agonizing over what to write in your company’s profile page and hoping your logo doesn’t look too outdated. Using LAPTR’s system, every business – big or small – has an equal opportunity to post and view all open resources. If you can fill out a form, you can complete your profile. Additionally, has upfront pricing, no hidden fees, and no lengthy contracts.

In fact, right now LAPTR is available to those who sign up for FREE. Why? We’ve just launched the site and are looking to get the word out. But it won’t stay free. Join now while you can gain free access. No credit card required.

Imagine what it would be like to have a steady flow of work, to grow your business at the pace you want with job security. You could be a hero to your company without having to master marketing or paid advertising. Not bad for 5-minutes of work to set up your LAPTR account!

LAPTR was founded by Kenneth Penn, who worked in a machine shop for 23 years and wanted to improve the process customers and manufactures use to find each other. Other websites gouge machine shops with hefty monthly expenses for access, give lopsided preferential treatment to some, or do a poor job matching capabilities to available projects. Penn wanted to create a system that would fix those issues. Rather than making the search process about who has the prettiest profile, he wanted to make it searchable by capability and availability so that every business, big or small, could have an equal opportunity at securing machine shop work for bid.

Creating a LAPTR account will help you to:

  • Keep your machines running all day, every day. LAPTR allows you to diversify your sources of revenue by bringing additional business to you when you want it. Take work only when it makes sense for your shop.
  • Grow your business without having to grow your marketing efforts. LAPTR allows you to fill your excess capacity and grow your business on your terms. You just have to log in to look at available jobs or respond to quote requests. Let us do the marketing to bring qualified leads to you. Our system automatically matches you with the best opportunities for your team. When work from your other customers slows down, let LAPTR bring you additional business and income.
  • Give qualified manufactures and machinists fair access to work based on capabilities and availability. No more fussing over creating complicated business profiles. By filling out our quick form it’s obvious what work is the best fit for you.
  • Get manufacturing work when you want It. Take work only when it makes sense for your shop.

Grow your business just by signing up for our directory. Did we mention it’s free for a limited time? Set up your profile in 5-minutes.

Here’s what you get:

  • Get work that perfectly matches your capabilities: Members post their parts, or their machines to will then match parts and machines based on the information provided, and members will see the best matches to their own needs right on their personal dashboard.
  • Find your next long-term client here at is an online marketplace bringing clients that need parts and manufacturers together to discover, collaborate, purchase and partner more efficiently. Members utilize their newly developed contacts to build and develop long-lasting working relationships.
  • Economical Up-Front Pricing: Currently, this service is free, because it’s a new site and we want people test it out and see the value for themselves. Sign up today without including a credit card. But even when our trial period ends, we will just charge a modest $40 monthly fee that will likely pay for itself. Our goal is for every business, big or small, to have an equal opportunity to post and view all open resources. has upfront pricing, no hidden fees, and no lengthy contracts.

Remember, our free trial period will not last forever. Only the first to sign up will get free access. So do not wait.

Best of all, you’ll get all this for free. That’s correct. FREE!

Remember, our free trial period will not last forever. Only the first to sign up will get free access. Don’t wait. It only takes 5 minutes to sign up.

Sign up now. Click on the BECOME A MEMBER FOR FREE button below.


P.S. We will not sell your information. We will protect your privacy. See our terms of service here.

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