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Pick from Hundreds of Quality Custom Manufacturing Companies that Meet Your Unique Specs

Engineers and sourcing professionals, do you struggle to find qualified custom manufacturing companies who can meet the requirements of the part’s manufacturing process and due date?

Is it hard to find quality manufacturing companies in your country with the capabilities you need? Do you find yourself paying a fortune in shipping costs for unreliable results from overseas companies? Do you struggle to find what capabilities and certifications a manufacturer has, and are unable to find it on their website?

Do you find yourself wasting valuable time by interviewing companies to find out what materials they work with, if they can do the machining processes needed for the part or can accommodate the size, quantity or delivery date?

You’ve probably thought there must be a better way to find qualified custom manufacturing companies without wasting so much time, or settling for a higher cost solution because you can’t find the right business to work with.

It’s not your fault. Until recently, there hasn’t been a system that allowed you to sort custom manufacturing companies based on your needs.

Quickly Sort Through Hundreds of Custom Manufacturers 

That has all changed. With’s advanced selection system you can find manufacturers in less than 5 minutes based on:

• manufacturer location,
• materials used,
• machining process needed for the part,
• their certifications,
• size of the part,
• quantity,
• and their availability to complete by your delivery date.

A system with this level of detail and control has never been available to sourcing professionals and engineers before. You are able to request a free quote from companies you’d like to work with. Additionally, all interactions are protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This can save you hours versus the time spent using other methods.

Save Money and Time

This system is so efficient, that if you signed up right now and uploaded your 3D model to be quoted,  you could have a list of available, qualified custom manufactures in five minutes, and begin selecting who you would like a free quote from. This puts you in direct communication with those you want to work with, and the certainty that they can meet your needs.

Also, getting quotes from multiple custom manufacturers puts you in the driver’s seat of having multiple good options to choose from. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing how much money and time you saved your company, while still receiving a quality product or part.

In addition to that, allows you to search by manufacturers’ location. Finding a custom manufacturer in your hometown or nearby can save you a lot of money and make it easier to coordinate.

You can receive greater savings from contract manufacturers because they:

• run their equipment all day serving multiple customers,
• buy similar products in higher quantities,
• and focus on improving efficiency on a daily basis.

Those savings — created by buying in bulk, using equipment at full capacity, and focusing on efficiency — are passed on you, their customer, who may be currently assembling items by hand or paying higher prices for materials. Many contract manufactures and machine shops have also had time to fine tune their process, resulting in additional productivity and quality. This could save you from having to buy expensive equipment or hire new staff to manufacture your part.

The ease of finding qualified manufactures also will allow you to work with multiple vendors until the business relationship is strong. Until you have developed a strong relationship with a manufacture you enjoy working with, it makes sense to diversify your part vendors.

How much do you think it would cost to have access to a sortable database of qualified contract manufacturers? $480 a year? $600?

No. It’s FREE! For a limited time, is inviting you to take a test spin. Search for the exact manufacturing services you need. Get a free membership to today!

Act fast before this is no longer available.

P.S. We will not sell your information. We will protect your privacy. See our terms of service here.

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