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A Simple Way to Get Free Estimates from Qualified CNC Machine Shops

Are you looking for manufactures to produce metal or plastic parts from CAD/CAM drawings?

You’ve tried Googling, looking at directories and machine shops’ websites, but it’s hard to find the right partner. It’s difficult to determine which companies are qualified to manufacture your parts, are actively looking for work, and can provide parts at the right price by the right deadline.

Or perhaps you posted your CAD/CAM drawings to a board and were inundated with unqualified candidates sending you generic quotes. Now you have to spend hours emptying your inbox and sorting through them to find a diamond in rough.

You’re not alone in this frustration. Many engineers and sourcing professionals have these gripes about the existing systems used to find qualified candidates.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a list of qualified candidates brought to you based on their location, qualifications and availability?

If you can relate to this, we have the solution.


This New Tool Enables You to Search for Exact Manufacturing Services You Need allows you to search available CNC machine shops, contract manufacturing shops, fabrication and molding companies to find your perfect match for exactly what you need, when you need it.’s system enables engineers and sourcing professionals to find exactly who they need based on the requirement of the part’s manufacturing process. In less than 5 minutes you can select manufacturers based on:
• manufacturer location,
• materials used,
• machining processes needed for the parts,
• their certifications,
• size of the parts,
• quantity,
• and their availability for your delivery date.

A system with this level of detail and control has never been available to sourcing professionals and engineers before.

Imagine logging onto a site, uploading your CAD/CAM drawings and with a few clicks of a button, a list of qualified machine shops with available machines looking in your area pop up. You are able to request a free quote from companies you’d like to work with. Confident you’ve found the right match and are protected by Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), you place your order and receive your part on time and to specifications. This can save you hours versus the time spent using other systems.

LAPTR was founded by Kenneth Penn, who worked in a machine shop for 23 years, and wanted to improve the process used for customers to find machine shops and for machine shops to find customers. Other websites do a poor job matching talent to available projects, make designing profiles critical to success or forcing those looking for part manufacturing to wait for quotes from machine shops rather than enabling them to request who they want a quote from. Penn wanted to create a system that would fix those issues. Rather than making the search process about who has the prettiest profile, he wanted to make it searchable by capability and availability.

Benefits of is a simple, online marketplace that matches engineers and sourcing professionals to machinists and manufactures for easy and efficient contract manufacturing. Using you will:

  • Save hours of time by finding qualified candidates quickly — Using’s superior search system to get you the best available qualified machinists with the click of a button confident that you’ve found the best shop for job.
  • Save money by outsourcing smartly — Be a hero to your company by getting the best priced quote, on time and to specifications.
  • Save on shipping costs by building relationships to manufacturers near you — allows you to sort available machinists and manufacturers based on location in addition to their qualifications. This makes it possible to build working relationships with machine shops near you, which can save on shipping costs.

Memberships Include:

When you sign up for free today you’ll gain:

  • Post unlimited parts and get free quotes!
  • Choose the businesses you want to quote on your parts.
  • Secure your company with a non-disclosure agreement.
  • No contracts.
  • No Hidden fees.
  • Browse a list of qualified manufacturers based on the needs specified for you part such as manufacturer location, materials used, machining processes needed, their certifications and their availability for your delivery date.

Best of all, you’ll get all this for free. That’s correct. FREE!

Remember, our free trial period will not last forever. Only the first to sign up will get free access. So, do not wait. It only takes 5 minutes to sign up.

Sign up now. Click on the BECOME A MEMBER FOR FREE button below.

P.S. We will not sell your information. We will protect your privacy. See our terms of service here.

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