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Finding vendors capable of producing the parts you need, may be a challenge. Typically engineers and sourcing professionals begin by searching online. It can be hard to determine which manufactures have the right certifications to produce the parts, are available to produce it in time to meet your deadline, and have the right materials and machines and meet your standard of quality.

You’ve tried Googling, looking at directories and machine shops’ websites, but it’s hard to find the right partner.

Or perhaps you posted your CAD/CAM drawings to a board and were inundated with unqualified candidates sending you generic quotes. Now you have to spend hours sorting through them to find a diamond in rough.

How do you find and qualify a manufacturer before placing a large order with them and receiving something that doesn’t meet your standards?

How to Find Qualified Manufacturers

First, let’s address how you find them. While Googling is often the most common method, it’s also inefficient. It’s often hard to find the necessary qualifying details on a vendor’s website or profile page. Things that should be taken into consideration such as certifications, available machines, materials used, machining processes used, location, maximum size of parts, possible quantity of parts produced and availability for your delivery date. Rather than hunting all over the internet, wouldn’t it be better to have a list of qualified candidates brought to you based on their location, qualifications and availability?

Luckily, offers a free service designed to solves that problem.’s system enables engineers and sourcing professionals to find exactly who they need based on the requirement of the part’s manufacturing process and due date. In less than 5 minutes you can select manufacturers based on:

  • manufacturer location,
  • materials used,
  • machining processes needed for the part,
  • their certifications,
  • size of the part,
  • quantity,
  • and their availability for your delivery date.

A system with this level of detail and control has never been available to sourcing professionals and engineers before. You are able to request a free quote from companies you’d like to work with. Additionally, all interactions are protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This can save you hours versus the time spent using other methods. Sign up for a free membership here.

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How to Find & Qualify Manufacturers for Outsourcing

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